Thursday, July 10, 2014

Spring 2014

Does anything say Springtime more than Strawberry pickin and Baseball? I love our little strawberry farm down the road. It allows me to take many trips with him to make a variety of our favorite yummy strawberry recipes. 

He thought I had a big Boo Boo b/c of the strawberry dripping down my leg. He said, "Oh no momma, Boo Boo...I kiss it" and tried to make me feel better. I did not correct him.

 I assume I don't need to state that he is FULL of personality?!

AS always, "Go Jackets!"

Spring is also filled with best friend birthday parties and feeding the geese/ducks. Also letting Bailey take her first dips of the summer in the pond.

Other Springtime memories this year...
We cheered daddy on for his first half Marathon.

 Had LOTS of playdates!(as always)
 Said Goodbye to Cousin Matt as he went into the Army

 And last but not least enjoyed the perks of having a pregnant momma. :)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Noah Nursery and Big Bed

 I never showed Noah's Nursery, so here it is. Now, it looks much different that the furniture is removed and in Nathaniel's room. Noah now has a "big boy room" and he is very excited about it! Transitioning to big bed was a piece of cake. All it took was one talk about not getting out until we got him. He has not tried to get out all week. Thank goodness. If only potty training went this easy with him. Its very sad for me to post these pictures of the room that once was. His baby room. So many memories in this room. Lots of rocking, calming, loving, reading and singing. It's the room God really worked in my heart too. It's the room I came to believe in Jesus 110%. It's sad to say Goodbye but I know his new room as well as Nate's will bring many more wonderful and beautiful memories.

 Sign made by a sweet friend.

 What it really looked like most of the time. He has always LOVED to read books!

 This chest was made by my great grandfather. It was passed down to me and now is Noah's.

Chris's staple in Noah's room. Ceiling compass. 

 These were hand knit by Chris's mother when he was born and now takes residence in Noah's room.
 Noah's dedication wall.

And now a Big Boy Room! Eventually Noah and Nate will probably share this room and the other matching twin bed will go on the other side of the chest for Nate. Right now he has lots of room for play in his room. 

Well slept boy

Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July 2014

This was Noah's first year watching fireworks. Last year rained out at the beach and he ended up falling asleep with the ones we let off on the beach. He loved the fireworks and did not mind the noise. Even more than the fireworks, he enjoyed listening to the live band and dancing. I even caught him looking at the band instead of the fireworks show!! We might have a musician on our hands. He played hard with his friends, danced the night away and stayed up past midnight. He was laughing all the way home. We could not believe he stayed up so late in a great mood. When we got home we asked if he still wanted to do his night routine of reading books before bed and he simply said, "No, I go to sleep now." And he was out. He never has gotten fussy when he is tired. He simply goes goes goes until we lay him in his bed. We had a great time and made wonderful memories. Can't wait until next fourth to see my two boys together! :)