Sunday, March 30, 2014

Winter 2014 Photo Dump


Hangouts with mommy and daddy

 Selfies with daddy

His look he always gives me:

 Slight obsession with balloons.

Our new church launch in February. Grace New Hope.

 When daddy got home after a long trip away:

I really need to take more photos of Chris and I

 New train table
 Neigh Neigh and Moo Moo must eat too

Noah likes mommy being pregnant. Lots of ice cream and donuts. 

Noah keeps running into the columns. 

Noah likes to try on his cereal bowl in the morning:

Turned car seat around. Major downfall- Falling asleep this way is not fun!

 Love the many faces he gives me!

 Chris and his first trip duck hunting:

He likes trying on all daddys shoes


Cousins came to visit.

Hollis baby dedication:

 Pretend sleep

 Park with Emma and Jackson

 Noah and MiMi

 Visit to meet Hartley and Luke

 Evidence Jackson really does love Noah:

Baby #2!!

Celebrating my Grammys 89th birthday. We announced what we were having to my family here too. 

Telling my besties we are having another boy

Valentines Day
Baby wagon wheels for Noahs class.

St. Pattys Day

Almost made it the whole year without being sick :( Croup

Basketball Games