Thursday, July 19, 2012

Goodbye 1st Home

A lot of crazy things have happened the last 2 months with the birth of our first son being the biggest. I plan on posting a lot about Noah and his journey but I want to write about the most recent thing in our family's life right now. That is saying goodbye to our first home and hello to our new one.
This past weekend has been EXHAUSTING to say the least. Trying to move 1.5 hours away in just 2 days with a 5 week old is very difficult and I would not recommend it. Just when you think you are exhausted from moving all day, your 5 week old decides he does not want to sleep very well through the night.
We started packing on Friday night. We had some sweet friends come over Saturday morning in the wee hours of the morning to help us. Thank goodness I had Natalie there to help hold Noah so I could pack things up and load some. We moved everything into the basement of our new home but will not be able to move in until the 28th.
Anyway, it was very sad to leave our first home. Many tears were shed between the both of us before we left. We made so many memories there. It is where Chris and I started our life as a married couple, it's where I did most of my college school work, where chris put in so much sweat to make our house a home, where we had many church small group meetings, where we made many good friends, and the biggest thing of all where Noah became a reality and the place we brought him home.

I will miss the little front porch where I rocked him in the first few weeks of his life...

I will miss the large front and back yard for the dogs...

The back porch for Bailey..

The front porch for Bailey....

The large fireplace where Chris, the dogs and I cuddled and watched movies..

My hydrangeas...

I will miss having our dear friends over that lived close to us. I will miss all the memories made. Even though Chris and I were tired and wanted to get back to Noah, we did take a moment to walk around the empty house and reminisce in each room. We talked about the memories in each room and what we will miss. It was very sweet and a good way to say goodbye.
I am excited to make new memories in our new home. We are now only 10 minutes away from our parents and closer to siblings. I know that it will be a huge help for us with Noah. I can't wait to finally get his room ready! I am also really ready to be situated. I HATE feeling disorganized! Only 2 weeks!

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  1. so many exciting wonderful changes!!! even happy changes can be stressful and tough though and especially with such a young baby!!!! i'm SURE you are more than ready just to be SETTLED!!!